Who am I?

Hello readers!

My name is Mark, and I write and maintain this blog.

I started translating patch notes for Archeage from other regions around patch 2.5. Since then, I have made it my job to deliver quality, in-depth patch translations to the community. Every time that new patch notes or previews get released in Korea or Russia, I translate and release them to the public as soon as I can.

In addition to future patches, I also plan to write about aspects of PvP in other regions, such as meta trends, as well as analyzing price movers and shakers.

Many browsing this blog have read the Google Docs that I have compiled. If you would like to browse any of them, there is an Archive section where any and all my old articles are stored.

I am not in any way affiliated with Trion Worlds, XL Games, or Mail.ru.


About Barcode

Barcode was founded on the Archeage server Calleil (NA). There, our guild leader Tatia, along with the rest of the founding leaders, merged the East and the West, and put the best players Calleil had to offer under one tag,  <IIIIIII>.  Barcode, became a strong Pirate guild made up of five guilds, former enemies, that overcame their histories and began to work together while fighting for end-game content with the goals of growing as players and having fun. We have since constantly fought against other top guilds on Hanure, Nazar and now Kyrios, formerly as part of the FEMA Nation, and now as part of our very own IIIIIII Nation. 


We have never had, nor will we ever need, a whitelist or a blacklist. In our minds, if you do not have a <IIIIIII> under your name, you're red, and what's red is dead (And what is dead may never die!).

We do not give up or give in. We are Barcode. 

What is Omnom?

Omnom is a site for future patchnotes, guides, and theorycrafting for Archeage.

The main aim of Omnom is to provide a place and community for dedicated and veteran players of Archeage to discuss changes to the game, and how to adjust to them. Neither the forums nor Reddit provide a suitable place for that. With Omnom, we hope to better your experience within the game, and to help you as a player, but we certainly don't want to make it ominous for you. 

Please remember that everything written on the site about patches from other regions is subject to change, as we have a different publisher than Korea, Russia, China, and Japan. 

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The links to the pages can be found in the sidebar, to your left. 

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