In 3.5, XL is making some changes to the regrading system, including a new grade above Mythic called Primordial. In this article, we explore these changes. Enjoy!

Regrading Changes

Item Regrading Changes

Item regrading costs have been significantly increased. At Celestial, a Delphinad item costs 2.7 times as much to regrade as the cost right now. This is probably due to the changes to regrading chances in this patch, which can be seen in the table below.

Regrade Chances

The regrading chances in the table below are all for post-3.5. The percentages listed are the success chances. No great success chances or chances with charms are listed.

Grade ChangeInstance dungeon loot, some quest rewards (Easy)Crafted items, regular mob loot (Normal)Obsidian Gear, Boss Loot (Hard)
Grand → Rare100.0%100.0%100.0%
Rare → Arcane100.0%100.0%50.0%
Arcane → Heroic67.5%50.0%32.5%
Heroic → Unique67.5%50.0%32.5%
Unique → Celestial47.3%35.0%22.8%.
Celestial → Divine40.5%30.0%19.5%
Divine → Epic13.5%10.0%6.5%
Epic → Legendary10.8%8.0%5.2%
Legendary → Mythic4.1%3.0%2.0%
Mythic → Primordial2.7%2.0%1.3%
  • Depending on the regrading chance (Easy, Normal, Hard), the amount of gold needed for a regrade is different. It is not known whether it will be more gold the lower the chance is, or less gold.

In addition to this, there are some minor balancing changes to how the stats of a piece of equipment (Melee attack, Magic Attack, Ranged Attack, Healing Power, Defense, Magic Defense are affected) are affected by the grade of the item. The changes are only for Epic and Legendary grade items, and are characterized by Epic items being 1.7 times as strong as Basic items and Legendary items being 1.9 times as strong as Basic items, instead of them being 1.65 times as strong, and 1.8 times as strong, respectively. Other grades of items are unaffected. XL states that this is being done in order to bridge the gap a little between Mythic weapons and Epic/Legendary weapons, the latter being much easier to obtain than Mythic grade weapons.

Ship Component/Pet Gear Regrading Changes

Grade ChangeCurrent ChancePost-3.5
Basic → Grand100%100%
Grand → Rare50%60%
Rare → Arcane50%60%
Arcane → Heroic50%60%
Heroic → Unique50%60%
Unique → Celestial50%50%
Celestial → Divine40%50%
Divine → Epic35%40%
Epic → Legendary30%35%
Legendary → Mythic20.00%17.50%
Mythic → Primordial0.00%8.80%
  • Regrading costs for ship components/pet gear has been increased from 10 gold per regrade to 20 gold per regrade.

Changes to the Regrading UI

The overall regrading interface has changed. Instead of showing some sort of image for the proc chance, the proc percentage is now actually shown. You can see all this in the images below (Pre 3.5 vs. Post 3.5).



What is Primordial?

Primordial is a new grade in 3.5 that is one grade above Mythic. It is for almost all items, and not just Erenor gear. Some of the reward items that were previously Mythic (Such as the Hero Statue) are now Primordial. The items that cannot (yet) be Primordial are costumes, undergarments (In the future, there will be undergarments that work like costumes), and some discontinued items.

Below is an image of a Primordial Erenor item. As you can see, Primordial items are purple, and Primordial weapons glow with a purple hue.

The effects of a Primordial-grade set are currently unknown. If I find this, I will be sure to post it.

How Primordial Affects Items


Stats on Gear

Primordial items are a pretty significant upgrade over Mythic items. For weapons, it is about a 5% increase for DPS and stats. For example, on a Mythic Ayanad Flame Greatsword, you have 889.2 Melee Attack. With Primordial, that same Ayanad Flame Greatsword has 933.6 Melee Attack. Also, with Primordial, you have 186 Strength on it versus the 177 Strength you have on a Mythic.

On an Ayanad Staff, the difference between Mythic and Primordial tiers with respect to Magic Attack is 889 versus 933 Magic Attack, respectively. Again, nearly a 5% increase.

On an Ayanad Greatclub, it is 889 Healing Power versus 930 on a Primordial. Again, the 5% increase. You get the point… For all gear, the difference between Mythic and Primordial stats is 5%. This is not just for Ayanads. This applies to gear such as Tier 7 Obsidian or Magnificent gear as well.

Extra Gem Slots

In 3.5, the number of gem slots at the highest tiers is changed. For Mythic items, you have a maximum of 8 slots, while for Primordial items, you have a maximum of 9 slots. The 8 and 9 slots are only for chests and weapons. Basically, if you have some sort of a Mythic item, it is +1 the number of gem slots it currently has, while for a Primordial item, it is +2 that of the maximum number of gem slots the item has right now.

Ship Components

In this section, I’ll be going over the stats of Primordial ship components, such as cannons and sails. I won’t be going over the items that no one uses, such as a Multipurpose Cannon.

All of the ship components here are listed at Primordial. If you would like to see these ship parts at Mythic, look them up on Archeage Database.

Quick note: Thank you Tatia (AKA Op) for guiding the ship pleb that I am through all the ship stuff. Much love.


Naval Cannon
Large-Caliber Cannon
High-Speed Siege Cannon
High-Angle Siege Cannon
Chain-Shot Cannon

Sails + Propulsion Parts

Caernord Sea Serpent Propellant
Caernord Zephyr Triangular Rig
Growling Zephyr Square Mainsail
Growling Zephyr Square Foresail
Enoan Zephyr Triple Square Rig
Enoan Zephyr Double Square Rig


Beast Figurehead
Bonekraal Figurehead
Charred Bonekraal Figurehead
Goddess Nui Figurehead
Ivory Nui Figurehead
Lionheart Figurehead
Raging Lionheart Figurehead
Tsunami Figurehead
Sea Drake Figurehead


That just about concludes what there is about the Primordial grade and changes to the Regrading system.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments section. I’ll be sure to answer them as soon as I can.

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  1. corscor

    excellent writeup, thx! I hope they run a regrade event before this patch so ppl can push their obsi gear before it goes hardmode. P.S. I think you typo’d a bad word when you mean to say “ship” ^.^

  2. Peter Hansen

    So no chances to when an item might break or downgrade, during regrading?

  3. Smoug

    Thx for info i love to read everythink u wrote,i have a question for u;howquest items work for crafting eronor items i mean how hard to get that new zone mats

  4. Mad

    Thanks for the updates, I remember reading about a change in the way crafted items are regraded. Was there any truth behind that? (something like you can to give them ‘exp’ by feeding weapons of equal quality).

    • Mark

      That is true. I will be going over this in an article during the coming days.

      The feeding of experience (Synthesizing) is only for Erenor weapons. Read my article on them in ‘Patch Notes’ to find out more!

    • Nehalem

      Basically to upgrade e.g celestial Erenor item to Divine, you will need to feed it Celestial tier items and so on. The amount of items are based on the item’s level/weight I guess. So a t5 will give less xp from t6. He is still trying to find out the kind of xp given per item *which is something that I really want to know lol*.

  5. sinbad

    Hey just wanna know that when we regrade from Celestial to Divine a crafted item we are getting %30 base chance and %40 with red regrade charm right? so we have like %40 chance to get from celestial>divine but my question is even the possibility is so high theres still breaking chance? or just fail? when we try to regrade a crafted item from celest to divine?

      • sinbad

        yes i can see that but my question is even if we have %60 chance theres still breaking chance? or downgrade? or just fail or sucsess? thanks.

      • Mark

        Oh, I see. Yes, there is still a break chance at Celestial. No change to that.

  6. Czae

    Do you have more infos about gold cost increase for regrades? You speak about 2.7x in the exemple given, is it most likely to be the same increase amount for every items or not?


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