Good morning everyone. Sorry for somewhat of a stop on my articles. I’ll be getting back into the groove this week.

For today’s article, I’ll be going over a subject that was requested at large by some of my readers: Erenor Accessories. Let’s get into it.

How Do They Work?

The basic answer to that question is that they work like all other Erenor equipment pieces. To level them up, you must synthesize rings into rings, earring into earrings, and necklaces into necklaces. If you would like to find out more about that process, you can go read about it in this article.

You can also go check out how much experience you need per grade and how much experience accessories of certain types will grant in this article.


In order to craft an Erenor Accessory, you will require a a Sealed Divine Ayanad Accessory of your choice, an Erenor Starlight Crafting Scroll, lots of Starlight Archeum Essence, and some Gold Ingots and Prismatic Diamonds. You will also require 432 Gold, and 180,000 Handicrafting Proficiency.

Clear pictures of the crafting recipes are provided in the sections below.







As you can see, the crafting costs are quite low. As such, Basic, Grand, and Rare Erenor accessories often sell for around 15,000 to 20,000 gold on the Korean Auction House, as is shown below.

Stats and Attributes

Remember when I mentioned that upon crafting an Erenor item, it is like a template of an item? The same holds true for Erenor accessories.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the stats for Erenor Necklaces as of yet, but if I get those stats, I will be sure to provide them.

Also, the numbers provided are for Grand Erenor Accessories. They will obviously scale as Erenor Accessories get higher in terms of grades.

In terms of the stats and attributes, the basic stats, such as Strength and Agility, are unlocked at Grand, while the Attributes, such as Increased Maximum Health, are unlocked at Arcane. It also appears that you get two stats and one attribute. I’m not quite sure how that works; only our patch will tell.


Unlocked at Grand

  • 19-20 Spirit
  • 19-20 Intelligence
  • 19-20 Stamina
  • 19-20 Agility
  • 19-20 Strength

Unlocked at Arcane

  • 224-230 Magic Defense
  • 29-29 Attack Speed
  • 2.1-2.1% Cast Time Decrease
  • 2.1-2.1% Skill Damage Increase
  • 2.1-2.1% Parry Rate Increase
  • 2.1-2.1% Ranged Skill Damage
  • Ignores 393-399 of Target’s Defense
  • 532-572 Health Increase
  • 366-396 Mana Increase


Unlocked at Grand

  • 19-20 Strength
  • 19-20 Agility
  • 19-20 Stamina
  • 19-20 Intelligence
  • 19-20 Spirit

Unlocked at Arcane

  • 224-230 Magic Defense
  • 2.1%-2.1% Evasion
  • 51%-53% Resistance to casting interruption
  • 2.1-2.1% Parry Rate Increase
  • 2.1%-2.1% Received Damage Decrease
  • 532-575 Health Increase
  • 366-396 Mana Increase

Gear Score

The readers who asked me to write this are some of the biggest whales in the game, so this one is dedicated to you guys.

In the table below, I show the amount of gear score per item at each grade.

Grand128.585.6 85.6

New Lunafrosts in 3.5

This might seem like an arbitrary mention, but in 3.5, new Lunafrosts are being introduced. These Lunafrosts are like merged versions of the Miraculous Lunafrosts that were previously available in the game. Instead of giving one effect, such as 3.0 Healing Power, they give two. There are eight versions of these Miraculous Lunafrosts, and each one features either 53.0 Defense or Magic Defense, and a 3.0 addition to one of your Attacks, or to your Healing Power.

These work on all types of accessories and instruments, and will raise your gear score by 19.5 gear score each, as opposed to the 12 gear score that the original Miraculous Lunafrosts provide, making your gear score about 38 points higher than before, and allowing Trader on Hanure to finally reach that sweet 9,000 Gear Score.


  • 53.0 Defense, 3.0 Healing Power
  • 53.0 Defense, 3.0 Magic Attack
  • 53.0 Defense, 3.0 Melee Attack
  • 53.0 Defense, 3.0 Ranged Attack
  • 53.0 Magic Defense, 3.0 Healing Power
  • 53.0 Magic Defense, 3.0 Magic Attack
  • 53.0 Magic Defense, 3.0 Melee Attack
  • 53.0 Magic Defense, 3.0 Ranged Attack

And there you have it.

6 Responses

  1. Anomalie

    Hi Mark,

    How can you get new lunafrost in 3.5 ?

    Thanks for your time

    • Mark

      Hi Anomali,

      To be honest, I don’t know. I only know some specifics about them, and those are listed in the article.

      They are tradeable, and are currently going for about 2,000 gold per on the Korean auction house.

  2. Sayuz

    Hey! Great job on all that info.
    Do you have any idea if on the Necklace would be possible to get the Stat + Dmg back to hp? like on the Gale necklace?
    Can you get 1 Main stat + 2 auxiliary stats on the jewelry also?

    • Mark

      You can main stat + 2 auxiliary on the jewelry.

      I don’t have much info on the necklaces, unfortunately, so I can’t answer that question.


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