As many may have heard, 3.5 brings a new level of crafted gear: Erenor. This type of gear will be by far the hardest gear to obtain, and will require the most grinding out of any gear in the game in order to get it to a good level. Unlike previous iterations of crafted gear, this gear will have to be progressed through grades, much like a Cloak.

With an item level of 68, this will be the highest level of gear currently in the game, with 4 levels ahead of Obsidian Tier 7, and 6 levels ahead of Ayanad. There will be 8 kinds of one-handed weapons (Sword, Katana, Dagger, Axe, Scepter, Club, Shortspear, Shield), 6 kinds of two-handed weapons (Greatsword, Nodachi, Great-Axe, Staff, Greatclub, Longspear), a bow, and two kinds of musical instruments (Flute and Lute). In addition to this, there will be seven pieces for Cloth, Leather, and Plate armor. There will also be a Necklace, Earring, and Ring, as well as as new Erenor cloaks (Which I will go over in this article).

All of these items are tradeable, so you will be able to buy them off of other players, or give them to players to craft/progress. Erenor items will be highly modifiable, and the basic forms of them will basically be blank templates for personalized gear.

Some images of the Erenor gear are shown below.


But, without further ado, let’s get into the meaty specifics.

Crafting Erenor Gear

Erenor gear will be much like T7’s: a grind. With a variety of new mats being introduced in the two new areas that are used in crafting Erenor items, as well as with obtaining the usual mats such as Sunlight Archeum Essences, the journey of obtaining an Erenor item will be a long and tedious one, especially if you want multiple.

Prior to crafting an Erenor item, you will need 180,000 proficiency in the desired occupation.

The first item that you will need is a Sealed Divine Ayanad. Now don’t panic and start hogging up upgradeable Divine Delphinad items; this will not give you an advantage as in 3.5, you will be able to reseal items with a crafteable item. 

Reseal Item Recipe

The second series of items that you should begin to stockpile if you are serious about obtaining Erenor items are Sturdy Ingots, Archeum Ingots, and Sunlight Essences, or the respective copy-versions of the items if you are crafting an item from a different occupation (So for Cloth Amor, you would need the Cloth variant of Sturdy Ingots, etc.).

Finally, there is a new item that you need for the crafting of Erenor Weapons, Armor, and Accessories. This item, of which there is one for each category (So Sunlight, Moonlight, and Starlight) will be perhaps the toughest grind. It will require you to do various dailies throughout the two new zones, and in a perfect situation with lots of grinding, it would take at least 6 days to acquire the quest items needed for the manufacturing of this scroll, as there is a daily quest in each zone, and it provides 5 of these items as a reward.  These mats, which are called Armor Pieces and Acid Drops (Remember this! I use it later in the article), also can drop from mobs in these two new areas (The mobs will be the main source for these items), but the probability of that happening is rather low, so it will take a lot of kills to get the 200 needed for each of the mats. Keep in mind that they bind on pickup, but once they are crafted to their final form (The ones which are needed for the scroll as one-of), they are tradeable and you can sell them on the auction house.

The finished versions of the items mentioned above are shown below. I will call them Sunlight Erenor Crafting Scroll, Moonlight Erenor Crafting Scroll, and Starlight Erenor Crafting Scroll, respectively. Also below, you will find an image of the interface for crafting an Erenor weapon.

Below in the spoilers is a full table of the mats required for each piece of Erenor gear.


One-Handed Weapon
Two-Handed Weapon





Progressing Erenor Gear

Erenor items are unlike any previous sets of gear in the sense that they must be progressed, rather than regraded. In many ways, this system is much more straightforward than that of regrading, as it requires the same amounts of effort/gold for all items, rather than depending on RNG. But it may very well be more expensive than regrading, as regraded items go into leveling and progressing your Erenor items.

So, you might ask, how does one level their Erenor gear? If you’ve ever leveled an Epherium, Delphinad, or Ayanad cloak, then you’re in luck, as it is basically the same system, except that the shards are being replaced with items of the same grade as the Erenor item. So if you had a Divine Erenor sword, then you would have to synthesize the sword the with other Divine one-handed weapons in order to get it to Epic.

There are a variety of items that can be used to synthesize Erenor items, those being:

– Crafted Items (Such as an Ayanad Weapon)

– Obsidian Items (Such as a T6 Obsidian Weapon)

– Dungeon Items (Such as gear from Mistsong)

– Boss Loot (Such as a Red Dragon Weapon)

– Some Quest Rewards

Basically, you can use almost all the gear in the game to synthesize Erenor items, with the exception of regular Mob drops, such as Auroria gear.

The amount of experience granted for synthesizing an item is proportional to its Item Level, but also depends on its grade. So let us say that you have a Celestial Mistsong Weapon, along with a Celestial Obsidian T7 Weapon (Yes, a T7 Celestial item is absurd, but bear with me). The T7 would grant more experience as it is of a higher item level.

The categories which can go into an Erenor item are as follows:

– Weapons: One-handed Weapons / Two-handed Weapons / Bow / Instruments

– Armor: Head / Chest / Legs / Hands / Feet / Wrists / Belt

– Ornaments: Necklace / Earring / Ring

So for armor, a Chest piece cannot be synthesized into a Head piece, but a Cloth Chest piece can be synthesized into a Leather Erenor Chest piece. With weapons, a Katana can go into an Erenor Scepter, but only Bows can go into Bows (You get the rest).

Modifying Erenor Gear

Basic Effects and Auxiliary Effects/Stats

In many senses, an Erenor item is like a template: You have the basic item, but you must customize it yourself. The customization is much like that of cloaks in that you roll certain stats on those cloaks in order to progress your character. Unlike a cloak, you can actually choose the stats that you want on a piece of Erenor gear.

There are three different types of stats: Main Stat, Secondary Stat, and an Auxiliary Effect. 

Main Stat: Stamina, Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Spirit (Major amount)

Secondary Stat: Stamina, Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Spirit (Minor amount)

You can have different kinds of auxiliary effects on your gear, which you can select once you have regraded your item to a certain grade. For weapons, bows, instruments, and armor, the auxiliary effect unlocks at the Unique grade. For accessories, it unlocks at Basic.

The auxiliary effects are listed below.


Below is a table for the number of effects for each that you can have at each grade, as well as the experience needed to raise your Erenor item’s grade to the next level, or to reach 100%.

Grade Number of Effects Experience Needed until the Next Grade (Or 100%)
Basic 1 2,871
Grand 1 4,291
Rare 1 5,957
Arcane 1 7,862
Heroic 2 11,151
Unique 2 14,940
Celestial 2 19,214
Divine 3 25,643
Epic 3 34,816
Legendary 3 45,214
Mythic 3 59,259
Primordial 3 77,742

Changing Basic and Auxillary Effects/Stats on Erenor Gear

Alright, but what if you want to change these stats and effects? Can you? The answer is yes, of course you can. To do so, you must obtain an Erenor Cryptic Lucky Scroll (Not to be confused with a Cryptic Lucky Scroll, which is for rerolling stats on Cloaks), which takes 50 labor to reroll a stat on Erenor gear. The recipe is listed below.


Set Bonuses

There is an element of sets to Erenor gear. These set bonuses will be added to Erenor gear with a special item crafted exclusively for this purpose. There will be 5 set modifiers: Flame, Earth, Gale, Wave and Life. They will grant 3-set, 4-set, and 7-set (Complete set) bonuses while equipped. These bonuses will be massive for end-game players, but will reflect those present in previous versions of crafted sets of armor.

One of these modifiers is shown below.

Below is a table that lists these modifiers, and what effects they give per the number of pieces equipped.

Modifier Number Equipped (x-set) Additional effects Number
Erenor’s Moon Shadow: Flame 3 Focus 506
4 Resilience 560
7 Melee Critical Damage Increase 18.6%
Erenor’s Moon Shadow: Gale 3 Focus 506
4 Resilience 560
7 Movement Speed Increase 4.1%
Erenor’s Moon Shadow: Earth 3 Toughness 452
4 Resilience 560
7 Decreases Damage Recieved 4.1%
Erenor’s  Moon Shadow: Wave 3 Toughness 452
4 Resilience 560
7 Increases Skill Damage 4.1%
Erenor’s Moon Shadow: Life 3 Toughness 452
4 Resilience 560
7 Decreases Cast Time 4.1%

In addition to providing the stats listed above, they will also provide certain stats for whenever they are applied to an armor (No matter how many of the same set you are wearing). Flame provides +10 Melee Attack; Gale provides +10 Ranged Attack; Earth provides +80 Defense; Wave provides +10 Magic Attack; Life provides +10 Healing Power.


33 Responses

  1. Nehalem

    Can you maybe add to this about what kind of experience different items give to see what kind of grinding we will need or gold to push to it? For example for a celestial erenor shirt to go to divine you need x number of gha items etc…

  2. Amaiky

    Obsidian Items (Such as a T6 Obsidian Weapon)

    You can use any obsidian weapon for this, correct?
    Also what happens if you use an epic ayanad to craft the erenor? Or is that not possible?

    • Mark

      Yes, you can use any obsidian item. But a more upgraded Obsidian item will grant more XP.

      You can’t use an Epic Ayanad to craft Erenor. Even if you were able to do that (Which you’re not), it would just go down to Basic Erenor. Simple as that.

      • Nehalem

        Hey Mark, did you figure out by chance for sure if the erenor is bound on craft or bound on equip? Or not bound at all?

      • Mark

        They are completely tradeable. Some are being sold on the Korean Auction House right now. As the Koreans say, they are just like any other crafted item, with the exception of their customization and leveling.

  3. lel

    what about the xp values whats best to use for xp have any info?
    delphinad ayanad bosidian t6 obsidian t7 etc?

    • Mark

      As I have said in multiple comments, I am trying to find those. If and when I find those, I will be sure to post them. As of right now though, even Koreans don’t have access to that kind of info.

  4. Kfc

    Hi can u give me a couple auxiliary stats? Is it like obsidian +700 Def or +50 attacks? For set bonuses, do u have to sacrifice honor frost like pants toughness to get Erenor bonuses? Or does it add on top of honor frost?

    • Mark

      I would love to, but unfortunately I don’t have access to that kind of info.

      Also, it changes level by level.

      I’m not sure about the honor frost, but I think that you might have to sacrifice them, unfortunately.

  5. Tigerus

    I might have got a question you could answer probably(or others could).
    Where do I get any basic Bow that is usable to feed my Erenor ?
    Dungeons, crafted Items etc are always Grand or higher. The only grey weapons i can think of that you can obtain right now in EU/NA that arent mobloot (even that is now green) is the tuna-fish. So how do I get some grey Bows? Will definetly start to stockpile now to get the materials for Erenor.

  6. Kazon

    hi, I read that for crafting, we can reseal divine ayanad to craft erenor. also note in the obsidian post that only obsidian will inherit the grade. got a question about delphinad items now. if i have say a legendary delphinad weapon/gear and i reseal it to craft an ayanad, will it come out as legendary ayanad or it will become a grand ayanad?

    • Mark

      No, it will come out as a Grand Ayanad.

      There is no bonus from resealing items from higher grades and crafting up.

  7. Bruno

    Three questions:
    1. Does the erenor gear have versions like Flame, Earth ?
    2. If yes, do I need to have a flame nodachi in order to get an erenor flame ?
    3. If no, can I reroll the main status using an Erenor Cryptic Lucky Scroll (in case I don’t get the status I want)?

    • Mark

      1. Sort of. This is answered in the article.

      2. N/A

      3. Yes, you can reroll any of the stats you get with the Erenor Cryptic Lucky Scroll.

  8. Werby

    Was wondering if you socketed gems at let’s say grand will they disappear when you upgrade it to arcane? Or will they stat with the item through the synthesis process?

    • Mark

      This is quite a common question. Unfortunately, I don’t know at this point. I’ll be sure to let you know if I find a definite answer.

    • Mark

      Screenshots of the crafting recipe or screenshots of the actual weapon on a player?

      Because not all Erenor weapons have even been made yet, let alone armor..

      • bizoiador

        Ah I see..
        I wanted the screenshots of the actual weapon, the stats, dps, etc

  9. Hurlibu

    those gems with the 3, 4, and the 7 set effect. are they just for erenor gear or for all gear?

    are these lunagems or lunascales ? the one you put in the armor like movementspeed or just the one per armor-part-gems like stealth detection for head?

      • Hurlibu

        ok thx a lot..

        are these the same items you need to reroll your armor stat and your weapon stats?. i mean if you level up your weapon i heard up on a certan point you can gain effects on it an may reroll them as well?..

        what items you need to reroll the stats on your weapon or the “effect” on the weapon? and what are the mats to craft it?

        thx for all your effort

      • Mark

        Yes, if you want to reroll the stats that you receive on a piece of Erenor gear, you will have to use the scroll that I talk about in the article. I also mention the crafting recipe for it in the article.

  10. Melkaba

    WTF is wrong with XLgames and these set bonuses. I’m so sick of them screwing over archers. Give mage, and melee dmg increase set bonuses like always, but what do archers get? 4% move speed!
    Which sounds better for end game, 4% move speed or 18% crit dmg? Gee I wonder.

    Every single update melee and magic users get stronger, and archers get shit on. GG darkrunner / enigmatist meta. Why play anything else

    • luniz

      hahah i was just about to say, erenor gale looks like crap. guess i can take my time with the bow and skip the armor.

    • Blitzcrank

      Don’t know why you put mages in here. 4.1% skill damage for wave, it’s melee that got 18.6 crit dmg. Honestly if I were an archer again (I was in legacy) I would be happy with the movespeed. You need all the movespeed you can get on an archer.

  11. Nehalem

    Actually, I feel that archers are op and I am talking like a mage. They can shoot from Mars and one shot me, they do enough damage as is already and you are getting more move speed, meaning I will not be able to catch you. You don’t need more dmg. If you don’t do dmg, is how you built your character and not XL’s fault. If I get Debe on arenas and I am lucky to be able to arch in range I can kill him, but he is so good at kiting, I won’t do anything. Give him more move speed and it’s RIP. We are talking about gear that 5% of AA will be able to get to acceptable standards so let’s see what we will get in NA vs what Korea got. That’s my input.


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