A big thank you to the Korean player 니드 for compiling much of the info on the spreadsheet. I couldn’t have done it without him.

Also, a big thank you to Nafuu from NA Fresh Start! He helped me out with some of the translating. Thank you!

If you’d like to look at the actual spreadsheet, just follow this link. 

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  1. McKirk

    wow. thx a lot for this much Information. a lot to study 😀

    i was wondering which is the “best”-weapon (+grade) to synt-up your weapon from Basic to divine?

    i know it depends on the mat-cost vs. experiance. the item who has the best price-performance ratio.

    but what are people in Korea using for upgrade it to divine.. lots of illustrious, magni, Delphi-celest?..

    thx for your effort in updating Infos

    • Mark

      Korean players who have Erenors seem to be using anything they can get their hands on for a decent price. Most of the players who are synthesizing are very heavy whales, so that explains why.

      As for what people are using after the update to the experience values was made, I’m not sure as of yet. But, that’s a good question, so I’ll be sure to investigate it and respond to it in the future.

      As for looking what the best weapon is for synthesizing, you can look in the spreadsheet and find the lowest cost for 1 point of experience. The lowest cost would be the best. Of course, the problem of availability arises, so who knows how it will turn out in an actual economy.

  2. KariNut

    What was about the thing you said about the 2-hand weapons were buffed a bit diffrent than the other weapons?

    is there a change between 2hand and dual-weild weapons in 3.5?

    and yep.. would wonder me too what most of koreans use/craft to level up they’re erenor. magni, epherium..? delphi? which grade?

    • Mark

      About the 2-handers, I still have no idea. Sorry! XL was quite cryptic in that.

      As I mentioned in my reply to McKirk, I will be sure to respond to that question when I find an answer. As of right now, I am still investigating it.

  3. MrQuestion

    Question: if i have an ” wave ayanad divine scepter” do i have to re roll it when i craft the erenor? or does it stay wave??

    • Mark

      There is no such thing as a Wave Erenor. They do not really have rolls, although they do. You can find out more in my article about Erenor gear. It’s here: http://omnom.io/patch-3-5-reveal-erenor-gear/

      To answer your question about your Divine Ayanad Wave Scepter, you would have to reseal it. After you reseal it, you can pick any proc. But again, once you upgrade to Erenor, it’s just an Erenor Scepter. The “roll” comes later.

  4. Majokaner

    hi mark,
    in the spreadsheet about the erenor crafting cost, are you confusing the 120 “sturdy ingots” (in there) with the 120 archeum ingots in http://omnom.io/patch-3-5-reveal-erenor-gear/ , or was that one a wrong translation?
    the acid drop and armor shard refer to the erenor scroll “scraps” i assume?

    • Mark

      You’re the man. It was Archeum Ingots, not Sturdy Ingots. Sorry, I’m a little tired. Corrected!

      The Acid Drops and Armor Shard are part of the scroll, yes.

  5. Serhio

    Hi Mark!
    Good job! Very much appreciated. Could u pls advise if 30, 40 and 45 lvls dung can be used to feed erenor or not? I refer to lvl 31,40 and 45 weapons that become personal once equiped.

    Thanks a lot

    • Mark

      Hello Serhio.

      I would not advise that at all. They give very little experience (Around 30 experience per, from what I recall), and are overall not worth it for the effort that goes into obtaining them.

      • Sergio

        I bought hunreds of them for 0.5-2 g on my server – quite good upgrade to heroic in terms of gold spent

  6. KariNut

    up to your spreadsheet up to unique the best cost per xp ratio is conqueror.

    but isnt the conqueror sep out of the game with 3.5?

    in your former post about crafting you wrote there is Apprentice’s, Artificer’s, Illustrious and so on…..
    so there is no conqueror step anymore?.. why did you lest this grade in your spreadsheet? or did you mean a something elese with conq. ?

    • Mark

      You are correct in the fact that there is no Conqueror step anymore. So the obvious question, as you asked, is why I included it?

      I calculated the costs in other grades that were removed as well. All of them were not worth it at all except for Conquerors. Because Conq. is still in our game, it gives people the chance to prepare for Erenor with it. Granted, the costs are from Korea, but that is to show just how much Conq. is more worth it for many of the grades than things such as Epherium.

      Again, this is for preparation.

  7. Nick

    One question as we can reseal stuff and upgrade all pieces like lets say Delphi to ayanad. But do a resealed item keep old grade when crafted to higher tier? Example celestial Delphi that gets resealed and made into ayanad does it stay celestial at aya or go back to grand at 3.5?

  8. Buda

    If I use a divine ayanad weapon to do my erenor, it turns in grand, then when I are “leveluping” my erenor it weapon can pass the divine grade or it stop on divine?

    • Mark

      Erenor items can pass the Divine grade, and have a maximum grade of Primordial, like most other items.

      If you use a Divine Ayanad weapon to get an Erenor weapon, it goes to Basic by default, not to Grand.

  9. Random

    Can you put swords/shortspears etc. (current one-hander mana wisp items) into scepters (wooden)? Since they are metal vrs wooden “one handers”.

  10. Pandaomg

    Hi i just noticed that there is something wrong whit this sheet
    in the sheet Artisan’s are listed whit 5.78 gold from vendor but this is the tier befor congqueror`s
    5.78 gold from vendor would be Apprentice’s the first tier and you cant craft conqueror`s whit it cause you would skip Craftsman’s, Artificer’s and Artisan’s that makes huge difference in the price and it even makes other ways like epherium cheaper

    mabey you can look into this


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